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Karakorum Nature and Discovery Pakistan is a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who have over the past 15 years contributed to promote the Hindukush-Karakorum-Himalaya mountain region of Northern Pakistan. KNDP offers a wide range of all-inclusive travel services in some of the most majestic and authentic areas on this earth. We also arrange extensions and combination treks and tours with neighbouring countries such as China, Tibet, India, Central Asia and Iran.
It is our commitment at KNDP to ensure that we take you to places, ecosystems and people yet unchanged in this rapidly changing world. Our constant ability to discern what is "different, unusual and rewarding" ensures you an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind holiday.
The spirit of discovery is the hallmark of our trips, to deepen the traveller's understanding of these areas, their people, culture and history. We welcome you to explore and enjoy our programs away from the usual routes, to visit historical sites, observe the richness of flora and fauna and meet the people of these ancient cultures.
Our small group's philosophy promotes flexibility, lends itself to a low impact approach to the environment and gives us the opportunity to experience and gain privileged insight into wildlife and communities. Local culture is explored through selected cultural programs along the way as part of your overall holiday itinerary whether it is a jeep safari or a challenging trek to the highest mountains.
You will discover both Pakistan's cultural and natural heritage.
Come, and join us in our explorations of the Northern Areas of Pakistan, a journey through the centuries and marvel at both the beauty of the land and the legendary hospitality of its people.
Looking forward to welcoming you on our tours!

Karim Ullah Baig

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